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Dental Camp for “Chances for Children Foundation, Kampala”

Dental Camp for “Chances for Children Foundation, Kampala”

In July 2017, Chances for Children Foundation approached us, after searching for clinics and medical centers in Kampala. Bhandari Dental Care was happy to assist the Foundation with free dental checkup for the orphanage children. 

Chances for Children Foundation hosts over 50 orphaned children saved from the streets, and provide them with shelter, education, food and dancing classes.

The camp, which was held in conjunction with Indian Association Uganda, provided free dental checkups and cleanings to orphanage children. In addition to these services, the camp also included educational activities and presentations aimed at teaching children about the importance of good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits.

During the two-day camp, which took place in a local school, children received checkups and cleanings from local dentists and hygienists. They also participated in educational activities such as toothbrushing demonstrations, nutrition lessons, and games designed to teach them about the importance of oral health.

The children were so enthusiastic and engaged throughout the camp, and were eager to learn about oral health and take care of their teeth, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

The camp was a success, with more than 50 children receiving dental checkups and cleanings over the two days. In addition to these services, the children also received toothbrushes, toothpaste, and educational materials to take home with them.

The success of the dental camp has inspired Indian Association Uganda to plan similar events in other underserved communities throughout Uganda. The organization is currently seeking donations and volunteers to support these efforts and improve access to dental care and education for children in need.