Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Treatment)

A root canal is performed when the dentist removes the infected pulp and nerve in the root of the tooth, cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, then fills and seals the space. Afterward, your dentist will place a crown on the tooth to protect and restore it to its original function. Root Canal treatment requires 2-3 sessions depending on level of the infection.

Our teeth have different layers (Enamel, Dentine, Pulp). Inside your teeth beneath the enamel and dentine are soft tissues called the pulp. This tissue contains blood vessels, nerves & connective tissues which helps the tooth root to grow during development.

There is no need to worry if your dentist has advised root canal treatment. This basically is necessary when the pulp (the soft tissue inside the root canal) gets inflamed or infected.

At Bhandari Dental Care, we complete the root canal treatment (RCT) in one or two phases / appointments. Since we have a team of professional and qualified dentists, depending upon the conditions of your teeth and your personal circumstances, and you will be back to smiling again, biting and chewing with ease in no time.