Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Roopa Bhandari
Age 41 Years
Primary Specialty Senior Dental Surgeon
Experience 2017 – to date Bhandari Dental Care, Lugogo Bypass Road, Kampala
2011 - 2016 Indian Association Medical Centre, Kamwokya, Kampala
2007 – 2010 Dr Ahmed Dental Clinic , Entebbe Road, Kampala
2003 – 2006 Savadi Dental Clinic, Bangalore, India
Education 2004 – Graduated RGUHS Bangalore India (Shyamala Reddy Dental College)


I am Dr Roopa Bhandari, Senior Dental Surgeon at Bhandari Dental Care, and I love helping my patient maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Research has shown that your oral health provides insight in to your overall health in many ways, and we want to be sure you’re always at your best.

At Bhandari Dental Care, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and I think the 1st step is getting to know me, your Doctor. I graduated from Bangalore which has a top notch program for dentistry, and taught me specific techniques that will help you and your family feel comfortable in my clinic. I would like to help people get more out of their lives by helping them have better dental health, that’s why I make sure to stay up to date on the latest technology to make sure you have the best treatment possible.

We are passionate about oral hygiene, and we want to make sure you are passionate with us. That’s why we will explain treatment to you before we do them so that you always know what’s happening with your health. We have a strong focus on keeping you, our patients and friends up to speed on how to take care of your mouth.

If you ever have a question, just ask us, our friendly staff is always happy to answer your questions. We look forward to working with you, we are easy to get hold off and we have flexible hours and payments plans to fits need of you and your family.